Al & I are Old-Fashioned Seventh Day Adventists at heart. I say “at heart” because we are no longer members of the organized Church.  I was raised a SDA and Al had just been baptized, not long before we met back in 1980. We met at what was then called Southern Missionary College, in Collegedale, TN.

We have 5 children and 12 grandchildren and live in NE OHIO, in the Country not far from a little town called Kingsville. You all are welcome to come by and visit anytime :).  Our address is 5464 State Rd., Kingsville, OH 44048.  We are only 5 minutes off of I-90, between Cleveland, OH and Erie, PA.

Beautiful sunset from our living room window

We live in the Country and have 7 acres and try to grow as much of our own produce as we can. I am a Master Herbalist and we support ourselves by our health mail-order business ~ Better Than Greens.   Al was a mailman with the USPS for 18 years.  We started our health business back in 1995, and it soon grew too much for me to be able to keep up with the business and with the kids homeschooling.  At that point, Al left the Post Office to help me. When he is not packing orders, he’s writing books.

We have had HOME-CHURCH

…for the better part of the last 40 years and as time goes on, we are finding more and more people who are worshipping at home every Sabbath.  Have you noticed how many people are feeling isolated?  We see that, too.  The isolation and the lack of fellowship is what prompted us to launch this site, with the goal of bringing together those of us who are like-minded.  Hopefully, it will be an encouragement for all.

Al and I are staunch believers in the writings of Ellen White…and we believe that God has given her light for us on nearly every subject imaginable….if we will only read and accept her.  We believe all 28 Fundamental SDA Beliefs and are not connected with any “off-shoots” whatsoever.

Now you know a little history about us.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  We are glad you stopped by and ~ We hope you will join and become a member here :).

We are dog-lovers, too!

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