Al & Tammy Roesch Banned From

Banned From

     For all our Seventh Day Adventist friends here, who follow Fulcrum7, August 1, 2023, Al and I were banned from with no warning.

     David Read had posted an article ~…/sabbath-school-the-blessing…
and apparently our comments on the article angered him (or someone else with moderator capabilities). He removed all of Al’s comments and all but one of mine (12 in total of just mine) from that article. David removed all of his own comments but left the comments from other posters there.  I think it makes it very difficult when comments are removed that others have already responded to, to understand the conversation when you can only read half of the comments.
     We understand why he removed his comments as they surely didn’t put him in a very good light, as he made some really low down, poor character posts, and his posts made it clear that he had no real answers for our questions.  But we don’t understand why he removed our comments, other than they clearly showed that he doesn’t have a correct view of Patriarchy, and 1 Corinthians 14, and that our posts were so clear, they were not refutable.

Best Article Ever Read on Female Preachers

     David Read and Gerry Wagoner both have made multiple comments to me personally, that I “talk too much” that I “post too much”. They don’t like women who spread the TRUTH in a strong, positive way. I posted this article that I just happened to stumble onto this week, written in 1861 and reprinted in the Advent Review and Sabbath ~…/ And it appears that this article really hit a nerve with Fulcrum7.
     If you have any question as to whether or not a woman can preach a sermon, please take the time to read this article. It’s the clearest article I’ve ever seen on the subject and I guess if someone refuses to admit that it’s right and good for women to be able to preach, and to preach from the pulpit, the easiest thing to do is to remove their posts and ban them.
     Anyways, we thought it proper to let you know why you won’t see us any more on Fulcrum7 in the future. We will continue to spread the truth on our sites ~

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