Person #1 ~James White, author of “Bible Adventism”

The reason I chose James White as one of the pioneers whose writings I wanted to examine should be obvious. I’ll just include a few statements from the Spirit of Prophecy:

 “God has selected my husband and given him special qualifications, natural ability, and an experience to lead out His people in the advance work.”  {3 Testimonies 89}

 “I was shown that God had qualified my husband for a specific work, and in His providence had united us to carry forward this work.”  {Life Sketches 242}

 “God has permitted the precious light of truth to shine upon His word and illuminate the mind of my husband. He may reflect the rays of light from the presence of Jesus upon others by his preaching and writing.”  {3 Testimonies 502}

 “God has given us both a testimony which will reach hearts…He has also given my husband great light upon Bible subjects, not for himself alone, but for others. I saw that these things should be written and talked out.”  {3 Testimonies 85}

 Since his book, “Bible Adventism,” was not quite what I thought it was going to be, I’ll only comment briefly on it. I thought it was going to be a book explaining and supporting all the various truths that go to make up what Seventh-day Adventists believe; instead, it turned out to be, primarily, an explanation and defense of the Great Second Advent Movement.

The book is just short of 200 pages. The first chapter—“The Millennium,” consists of 23 pages and is devoted to exposing the false teaching of the temporal ‘millennium,’ the supposed 1000 years of peace on earth before Christ’s second coming. The other chapters and subjects, in order, are—“The Second Advent”, 12 pages; “Noah’s Time and Ours”, 13 pages; “The Church Not in Darkness”, 5 pages; “The Time of the End”, 7 pages; “The Kingdom”, 24 pages; “The Judgment”, 17 pages; “The Time”, 28 pages; “The Sanctuary”, 43 pages; and “Saving Faith”, 10 pages. There’s also an excellent introduction consisting of 10 pages, devoted to looking closely at the Bible verse—“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.” {1 Peter 3:15}

I could not find one word, or even a hint, of anything about the New World Order or any of the elements that go to make up the New World Order, such as the Free Masons or the Jesuits.