Person #2 ~ Gary Kah

Person #2—Gary Kah, author of
“En Route to Global Occupation”


This book, like Malachi Martin’s, “The Keys of This Blood,” is another that seems to be on the must read list of Seventh-day Adventists who are into the New World Order. What is on the cover, as sort of the sub-title, are these words—“A high ranking government liaison exposes the secret agenda for world unification.” What is not on the cover, is this review of the book that I found on the internet (from a convinced reader of it)—“Written from a compelling Christian viewpoint with solid prophetic and Biblical insight.” Please do not make the mistake of thinking that the teachings of these men on the New World Order are separate from their religious beliefs. On the contrary, their New World Order beliefs are very much a part of and very much influenced by their religious beliefs.

Gary Kah has at least two websites. The first and main website is called “Hope For The World,” and has the well known picture of three crosses (the center one being slightly higher and bigger) right next to the title. The other website is entitled “God’s News Behind The News: A Prophecy Resource for the World.” Below that is a picture of Gary Kah, and below his picture are the words, “Welcome to Gary Kah’s God’s News Online Bookstore.” Both sites sell his books on the New World Order. Obviously his New World Order views are very much a part of his religious views.

As I went looking to see what else I could find I came across this very interesting statement—“While Gary Kah’s beliefs have long been on the fringes of acceptable prophecy teachings, he is rapidly becoming highly respected as…” “His beliefs have long been on the fringes of acceptable prophecy teachings.” That statement certainly got my attention. (I found that last statement on a site called []. I tried to contact the person who wrote that particular article to see why she believed his views have long been on the fringes of acceptable prophecy, but she was no longer there.)

I continued looking. I found a short article entitled—“A World of Change,” by Gary Kah. It, like most everything he writes, is about “global developments,” “economic, political, and religious progression toward a ‘new world civilization’,” “proposals intended to transform the UN into an authoritative world government,” etc. (Those terms are all in that article.) The article also contained this (as the one review put it) “prophetic and Biblical insight”:

 “There are other related developments. Numerous individuals are volunteering to have computer chips embedded in their bodies. This is no secret and has recently received widespread coverage by the secular media which touts the benefits of such an identification system. People who accept such a “mark” will be traceable by satellite no matter where they go…Embedded chips also represent the next, and possibly the final, phase of global economic centralization. In the not too distant future, I believe people will be able to conduct financial transactions (buy and sell)…On the international political front…The “kings of the earth” are now regularly gathering in New York City…It is truly amazing to see how rapidly we are moving toward the end-time system foretold in Revelation 13 and 14. Step by step, the new world order of antichrist is being built.”  []

 It is easy to see from this article how heavily his religious views influence and permeate his New World Order views. Clearly his use of the terms “mark” and (buy and sell) highlighted by quotation marks and parenthesis are references to Revelation 13 and 14, hence his conclusion—“It is truly amazing to see how rapidly we are moving toward the end time system foretold in Revelation 13 and 14.” It should be just as easy to see that his religious views, at least on these important points, have nothing in common with Seventh-day Adventists.

In that article I just quoted from, he also said—“The “kings of the earth” are now regularly gathering in New York City.” This is obviously a reference to Revelation 17 & 18. In another article I found on the same site, entitled “America’s Wake-Up Call,” he says:

 “The parallels between New York and the great, but wicked city described as Mystery Babylon in Revelation 17 and 18 are difficult to ignore. I can only hope these passages are describing something else.”  []

 That last statement was taken from his book “En Route to Global Occupation.” Reluctantly, I finally decided to buy a copy of it to see what else I could find. Notice how his New World Order beliefs blend with his religious beliefs:

 “The moment for which Satan has so long awaited and for which his disciples have diligently labored, will have finally come. The conspirators will submit their power to one who will rise to the occasion and whom they will recognize as their undisputed leader. Their complete allegiance and devotion will be given to him—truly a first since the Tower of Babel. He will be Satan personified and will have all the powers of darkness at his disposal—capable of performing every sort of sign and wonder imaginable. He is the one spoken of in the Bible as the lawless one or the beast; he is also referred to in the first letter of John as the Antichrist…At some point, the beast, or one of his representatives, will step forth with what will appear to be a brilliant plan for Mideast peace…The beast will succeed where others before him have failed…However, once he and his main accomplice, the false prophet, take their positions, discerning Christians will recognize them for who they are.
“The Antichrist will come to reside over an empowered United Nations…A World Constitution will be proposed, and a “democratic” World Parliament will be created. World citizens will believe they have a say in matters, not realizing that occult-based secret societies are really the ones in control (that’s not exactly what The Great Controversy says—of course he doesn’t understand, and most likely wouldn’t believe you if you told him, that it is going to be Sunday keeping Protestants, just like him, that will be in control; at least in this country)…The Christianity represented by the Antichrist will be a complete counterfeit, saturated with all the pantheistic teachings of eastern mysticism and the ancient mystery religions—the same beliefs held by New Agers and promoted by the secret societies.
“According to Scripture, the length of his reign will be seven years (Dan. 9:27). The first 3½ years will most likely be used to consolidate his power and put in place any final mechanisms needed to ensure absolute control of the world. During the second 3½ year period, his nature will be fully revealed as he will demand the loyalty and worship of the earth’s inhabitants (Rev. 13). This moment will mark the beginning of the great tribulation spoken of in Revelation 7:14. Regarding the reign of the Antichrist, the Bible says: (he then quotes Rev. 13:7,8).
“In order to ensure that he will receive the world’s allegiance and worship, the Antichrist will force everyone “to receive a mark on his right hand or forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.” (Rev. 13:16,17).
“The mark will probably be similar to the bar code system of the Universal Product Code, each person tagged with their own permanent identification number easily read by scanners. The mark, however, will most likely come in the form of an invisible laser tattoo.”  [En Route to Global Occupation pgs. 146-150]

 This is very typical of how Sunday keepers understand the book of Revelation, the beast, the mark of the beast, and end time events. Seventh-day Adventists should never forget that Sunday keeping Protestants like him and all the other men that I am going to be looking at in this study cannot help but be mixed up when it comes to these subjects. They certainly are not going to see themselves as the ones that are going to end up forming the image of the beast and the mark of the beast; so, obviously, they have to come up with someone else, or something else, as the villains.

One more point. In the article, “America’s Wake-Up Call,” he says—“A few years ago Dimitru went to be with the Lord.”

Every Seventh-day Adventist should be well aware of this quote:

 “Through the two great errors, the immortality of the soul and Sunday sacredness, Satan will bring the people under his deceptions…The Protestants of the United States will be foremost…”  {Great Controversy 588}