Person #3 – Don McAlvany, editor of the “McAlvany Intelligence Advisor”

Don McAlvany has been around for many, many years (according to one of his books, well over 30). He is one of the “founding directors of the fellowship of Christian Financial Advisors.” He is also considered a leading expert on the New World Order. His views and teachings on the “New World Order,” like Gary Kah’s, are also heavily influenced by his religious views. He is the author of numerous books, including—“Storm Warning: The Coming Persecution of Christians and Traditionalists in America” and “Toward a New World Order: The Countdown to Armageddon”. (Clearly, his New World Order beliefs are very much a part of his religious beliefs.)

He has appeared as a guest speaker on most Christian radio talk shows, as well as secular talk shows. One subject that he speaks on is “The Role of Christians in Politics;” needless to say, an extremely important subject to Seventh-day Adventists.

Before examining his religious beliefs, I want to bring out some other information about Mr. McAlvany that to me is very significant. This first bit of information is taken from a site that speaks very highly of him:

 “Don McAlvany is the Editor of the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor and discusses current geopolitical and financial realities that may trigger a financial free fall. He talks about a predicted economic “rogue wave” that he believes is headed our way.
“Rather than preaching mere doom and gloom, Mr. McAlvany articulately offers hope and gives practical suggestions as to what people can do to prepare for such an economic downturn, should it occur…
“Mr. McAlvany is president and owner of International Collectors Associates, a 24 year-old brokerage and consultation firm serving clients in over 20 countries.”  []

 According to this article, he is a “doom and gloom preacher” that specializes in advising people how to financially prepare for “an economic downturn.” He also conveniently owns his own “precious metals brokerage.” To put it in the words of our tax man, who regularly listens to short wave radio and keeps up on these types of issues, when I asked him what he knew about Don McAlvany, his first words were—“he’s one of those gold hucksters.” Here is how one anti-conspiracy website I found put it:

 “Then there is Don McAlvany, editor of The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, another conspiracy theorist who mixes stories of implanted biochips as the Mark of the Beast with the ominous predictions of impending economic collapse. He advises his readers to buy gold and silver as a hedge against the coming disaster. Interestingly enough, McAlvany is a dealer in gold and silver. Could it be that his financial interests are to some small degree shading his prophecies?”  []

 Let me share with you this bit of history. He was one of those “experts” prophesying Y2K. You can be sure he made lots of money convincing people, especially Christians, of the seriousness and the certainty of Y2K, and then selling them gold as a safe haven from the prophesied economic disaster. I can’t help but feel it is right to give this very solemn and very real warning—those who fail to learn from their mistakes may very well lose more than their money next time.

Once again, as with Gary Kah, I finally decided to buy two of his books—“Storm Warning: The Coming Persecution of Christians and Traditionalists in America” and “Toward A New World Order: The Countdown to Armageddon”. As with Gary Kah’s book, both are absolutely packed full of conspiracy theories.

Before getting into his Biblical views, I want you to see once again, this time from his own book, how he combines prophecies of doom and gloom with his business of selling gold. On page 126 of his book—“Toward A New World Order: The Countdown to Armageddon” he says:

 “As bankruptcies, unemployment, and defaults proliferate, the value of the real estate holdings and mortgage paper of U.S. banks, savings & loans, insurance companies, and pension funds will continue to deteriorate—maybe even plunge. As investors, depositors, and policy-holders begin to understand this, hundreds of such runs could develop. The FDIC, the Federal Reserve, and state insurance regulators couldn’t beg, borrow, print, or steal money fast enough to cover that sort of financial panic.
“So, it is worth considering the interlock between the banks, the savings & loans, the insurance companies, the pension funds, and the real estate market. All could be in an incredible self-feeding downward spiral over the next two to five years. Indeed, the downward spiral has already begun.”  [Toward A New World Order, pg.126—Second Edition, 1992]

 Then, after comparing the 1980’s and 90’s to the great depression, the following chapter is entitled—“How to Prepare for the Coming Financial Crisis.” Here is some of his “expert” advice:

 #3—When You Invest, Invest First in the Right People: Find like-minded, trustworthy people to invest in, or with. Invest with or in people who share your world view.”

 “Invest first in like-minded people who share your world view.” I don’t believe that would exactly be considered unbiased, impartial advice.

He then warns people of the danger of investing in banks, savings & loans, insurance companies, and the stock market. He even says “reduce your real estate holdings.” What does he then advise people to invest in? You guessed it—gold and silver. But it doesn’t stop there. He goes on to make a very elaborate case that there is one particular gold piece that people should invest in—“the $20 AU Liberty coin.”

 “Investors should immediately switch from their bullion to the $20 AU Liberty coin…Call International Collectors Associates at 1-800-525-9556 (one of the largest dealers in the world of the $20 AU Liberty) to make the swap.”  [Toward A New World Order: The Countdown to Armageddon pgs.139-157]

 Do I need to remind you who the president and owner of International Collectors Associates is?

Would you like to know what else he advises his readers to do to prepare for “the coming economic crisis?”

 “A key element of preparation for the coming financial/political upheaval is having at least a year’s supply of survival food reserves.”  [pg. 159]

 I suppose by now you can probably guess who sells survival food reserves.

 “This writer is offering survival food reserves via his company…Call 1-800-525-9556.”  [pg.159]

 I have often heard believers in the message of the New World Order strongly proclaim that none of the establishment news sources can be trusted. From what I’ve seen, with many of them at least, this includes anyone who doesn’t believe like they do on the New World Order, a dangerous trap to fall into. Yet at the same time I’ve always asked myself (and sometimes them)—What makes you so sure the sources you’re getting your information from can be trusted? From what I’ve discovered doing this research I see that their sources certainly aren’t the ones I’d care to stake my future on.

I, like most everyone else, try to find news and news reporters that I feel can be trusted, yet I try (and hope) never to forget these words:

“The only thing in our world upon which we can rely is the word of God.”  {Desire of Ages 121}

One more thing, he also advises his readers to build “A Nuclear Bomb Shelter” and sells a book with instructions on how to build one. [pg.161]

Now for a look at how, like Gary Kah, his religious beliefs blend together with his New World Order beliefs. First, from his book—“Storm Warning: The Coming Persecution of Christians and Traditionalists in America”:

 “Since the Clintons came to power, there has been a strong push for a national I.D. card…Did you get that??? A national ID card which will require every citizen to be fingerprinted, DNA tested…
“Biblically, the question comes to mind as to whether this is the mark of the beast as detailed in the book of Revelation: (he then quotes Revelation 13:15-17)
“Regardless of what Rapture version you believe, we must still consider this question. Is this the mark or a precursor? Honestly ask yourself, “How much further would it be to a microchip under the skin in the forehead or hand?” I think we would agree that it is not a giant leap.”  [Storm Warning pgs. 63-66]


Chapter 5
Toward a National ID Card and Implantable Biochip

 “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name…” Revelation 13:16-18  [Storm Warning pg.89]

 Now from his book—“Toward A New World Order: The Countdown to Armageddon”:


Chapter Three
Toward a Cashless Society: The U.S. Government’s Attack on Financial Privacy

 “Revelation 13 describes a one-world economic system where no one can buy or sell without special identification numbers on their hand or forehead. This system is controlled by the Beast, or the Antichrist.” [Toward A New World Order pg. 107]

 “If technology has advanced so a bar-coded microchip can be contained in a molar, it can just as easily be inserted under the skin—as the ultimate form of people control. It causes one to ponder Revelation 13:17—“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark…”  [Toward A New World Order pg.107]

 “Another important point on the New World Order—the New World Order will be no friend of conservative, fundamental, evangelical Christians, or Orthodox Jews. As the New World Order is installed, it will progressively take more and more steps against these groups (e.g., social and legal pressure leading eventually to persecution and/or imprisonment).”  [Toward A New World Order pg.299]

 Again, as with Gary Kah and most other Sunday keeping Protestants, he has absolutely no idea that it is people like him that are going to be doing the persecuting. So, of course, they always teach that it is someone else; like atheism, or communism, or New Agers, usually combined with, or working through, the New World Order, that are going to be persecuting them.

One thing I know for certain–when I read the Spirit of Prophecy I’m getting “truth unmixed with error” which “is a power mighty to save.” {Prophets and Kings 505}

“On the contrary…It is one of Satan’s devices to combine with falsehood just enough truth to give it plausibility.”  {Desire of Ages 587}