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Some people like to use nicknames, and we understand why. This world is one crazy place!  But if you have alot of courage, we really like it when you use your real name.  Once you have joined our commenting community, we have just a few rules.  Please follow them.  We don’t like having to send warnings or banning people.

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  4. Insults directed at other commenters will be deleted.

  5. Comments must be related to the article they are posted under. This forum is not a place for people to post their private agendas or favorite theory.

  6. No long “sermons” pretending to be a post.
  7. Dirty language and inappropriate sexual comments and suggestions will be removed, as will the person who posted them.
  8. Trolling is prohibited.
  9. Comments that misrepresent Narrow Way Adventists will be removed.
  10. Commenters who repeatedly violate our policy will be warned and if they continue, they will be in danger of being banned from our site.
  11. It goes without saying that the opinions from commenters do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Narrow Way Adventists.

  12. Narrow Way Adventists reserves the right to reveal the identity of anonymous posters who come on our site to troll or disrupt conversation. If you have something negative to say, be brave and honest enough to put your name behind it.

  13. Use your DISQUS account to comment on articles.

Letters to the Editor:

We here at Narrow Way Adventists look forward to your letters & emails.  Letters written to the Editor may be published, at our discretion.   You can send your letter to us via email at  or write to us at:  Al & Tammy Roesch, 5464 State Road, Kingsville, OH 44048.  Feel free to call us with any concerns as well – 888-332-6343.

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