F7 ~ Fulcrum7 Hits New Low In Article Addressing Sexual Sin

Fulcrum 7 (F7) Hits New Low

I was banned from posting on Fulcrum7 (F7), so I couldn’t comment on this article. To me, this article reveals that Fulcrum7 hits a new LOW, really in the gutter. I find it sickening that Fulcrum7, who claims to be a “conservative SDA” site, would allow this sort of an article to be posted on their site…

Men Who Think Like This Are Little Higher Than Dogs

To me, articles like these paint men to be little higher than male dogs that are consumed with the thought of breeding the female dog.  Yes, there are many men like that, but Christian men, especially conservative SDA men should never be like that.

I Can’t Imagine Being Married To A Man Who Thinks Like This!

I feel very sorry for women who are married to men who think that they must have sex every 3 days! When it comes to sex, many, men & women, get their NEEDS & their WANTS mixed up.  All we NEED to live is Air, Water & Food.  Sex is NOT necessary to live. I highly recommend a video by Dr. Neil Nedley.  He has an excellent presentation on the subject called, Benefits of a 90 Day Sex Fast.

God Forbid That These Kinds of Men Are Mentoring Young Men & Comforting Men Who Have Lost Their Wives

I would hope and pray that men with this kind of thinking are not mentoring the teenage boys growing up in the church, or comforting the older gentlemen who have lost their wives.  Men with this as their sexual experience shouldn’t be writing articles about VICTORY.  Yes, the author made progress!  He was able to make it from 3 days to 2 weeks, without masturbating, providing he could get to his wife in time!  But is that REALLY VICTORY????  Not as I understand it.

The Articles Posted on F7 Show Their Discernment, or Rather, Lack of Discernment

I’m 100% confident that Ellen White would never approve of an article such as this….and I hope that many of you think so too! And if you happen to be able to post on Fulcrum7, let them know what you think!  There is nothing wrong with discussing the subject of masturbation, but it needs to be discussed from a different viewpoint. And the person writing the article needs to be able to give a testimony of complete victory, not just of not falling into sin, but of not desiring that sin any longer.  Not until we come to HATE the sins we were in bondage to, are we safe to save.

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