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I find it interesting that in our early days there was also a “push” and a “drift”, toward non-denominationalism in our medical work. (Sorry for the jargony language.) Internal and external pressures were brought to bear, in an effort to make our Sanitariums / Care-facilities, non-denominational.


There were even subtle pressures I think, to make them non-Christian. But to begin with, our Sanitariums [i.e. our health-care facilities] were well known [and even ‘marketed’,] as working “arms” of the Seventh day Adventist Church.


In my opinion, each facet of our church, and every facet of our evangelical effort, ought to be openly, and “strictly, denominational”.


A few interesting comments from Mrs. White.

“Those who have long known our belief, and what we teach, have been surprised by the statement that the Battle Creek Sanitarium is not denominational. No one has the right to make this statement. It does not bear the witness that God wishes His people to bear before men and angels. In the name of the Lord we are to identify ourselves as Seventh-day Adventists. If any one among us is ashamed of our colors, and wishes to stand under another banner, let him do so as a private individual, not as a representative of Seventh-day Adventist medical missionary work.” (EGW.)

“It has been stated that the Battle Creek Sanitarium is not denominational. But if ever an institution was established to be denominational, in every sense of the word, this Sanitarium was. Why are sanitariums established if it is not that they may be the right hand of the gospel in calling the attention of men and women to the truth that we are living amid the perils of the last days? And yet, in one sense, it is true that the Battle Creek Sanitarium is undenominational, in that it receives as patients people of all classes and all denominations.” (EGW.)

“We receive into our [medical] institutions people of all denominations. But as for ourselves we are strictly denominational; we are sacredly denominated by God and are under His theocracy. But we are not unwisely to press upon anyone [i.e. upon any of our patients,] the peculiar points of our faith.” (7Testimonies p.109.)

What God had joined together (i.e. our evangelistic and medical work, etc.,) no man was to separate, or to “put asunder”.