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Tammy Roesch

I think you are right, Stewart…back in Bible days, from pictures we have today (who knows how accurate those are!) it seems as both sexes wore long robes…but I’m sure that somehow there was a “distinct” difference in their clothing.

Here in America and other Western Countries, 100 years ago, there was a distinct difference…Men always wore pants and women always wore dresses/skirts.  But as time has progressed, more and more, the styles are becoming UNI-SEX.  I don’t believe it’s wrong for styles to change over time, but I do believe it’s wrong for men to wear dresses and women to wear pants.  I think that it has become so much a part of our society for women to wear pants, that people don’t think it’s wrong, they have come to think that it is part of our culture….  Kind of like coffee…they don’t see how bad coffee is because it’s so much a part of the American way!  But just because something is common, doesn’t make it right.

It’s no more right for a woman to wear feminine pants than for a man to wear manly dresses, in my mind. 🙂  I think today people, (most people) would think it very strange for men to be wearing manly dresses…but if they started doing it, in 20 years, most of society would think it’s normal.