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How old were you when you learned the dress message and started practicing it, Newby? Did you learn it on you own?  Do others in your family or church also practice it?


Tammy I’ve only been doing this for 9 months.  There is only one other that does this that I know of in this area.  I was shown that passage in the bible (that I posted here), and thought to make a complete change.  In the past, I would wear skirts and dresses only in the summer months.  This was the first winter where I wore them all winter long and was not cold.  I try and tell women to find the right kind of skirt and dress that works for them.  I prefer an A-line skirt so I can move around easy and still do all the things I used to do without a problem.

I’ve made another switch as well.  All my clothing is natural fiber 95% and up.  I prefer the 100% but sometimes it is hard to come by….  The clothes that touch my body are natural fibers.

Right now I’m making an adjustment to riding a bike… the long skirts just didn’t work.  So, I’m trying pant/skirt combo  built in and hoping this will work.

Any suggestions?