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As 7th-Day Adventist who have tried to take the special Truths that we hold, to Family, loved-ones, friends or strangers the difficulty’s, rejections or arguments are well know. Telling someone that they have false understanding of Bible Truths must be done with care. All too often we accept these setbacks or rejections of the Truth we are trying to share as simply being the cost of sharing the truth. The price of being light bearers in a dark world headed to that final day of destruction.

What if you had been one of those involved with the movement that became the 1844 loud cry; and you knew that they had misunderstood what the Bible was saying was about to happen? What if you had been a part of the Church during the 1888 General Conference and you understood the Truth about Righteousness by Faith; and you knew that the Churches concept of it was wrong? These things were clung to because of man held interpretations of what the Bible so clearly teaches and yet they were wrong in their human understanding.

Unfortunately we have seen many groups arise with what they claim is new light, greater understanding of previously held truths. Light that only they can understand, truth that only they can interpret for us, in order for us to understand. We have seen groups as the Shepherds Rod and the Branch Dividions make these kinds of claims. We have seen Pastors and Evangelist along with laymen walk away from the teachings of our Church, all of them have claiming that they had some kind of ‘new light’, some kind of ‘new understanding’. And all of them claiming that what they have, this new message comes from the Bible and the Writings of Sister White.

I have had Family caught up in the Shepherds Rod, I had Family that died in Waco; I was on my way there that first day with other Family members to visit with them. Gods hand kept us from arriving there. I have listened to men claiming to have some ‘new light’ that only they could explain. I have had to explain to others why it was not new light and explain to others what was wrong with these so called new light teachings. I understand very well the dangers of false prophets, false teachers and false interpretations of the Bible and Sister Whites Writings. I understand why Satan is so bent on bringing these false teachers with their false teachings into the Church that is to take the Last warning message to the World. I also understand why Satan is also as determined to keep the Churches human originated views on some very important things. We can not teach to others what we really don’t understand ourselves.

So I ask…..

How do you tell someone that you love that what they believe in is not truth? How do you tell a friend that what they have accepted as facts is in reality deception? How do you tell a stranger that what they have been taught and lead to believe as truth and accept as facts are nothing more than very carefully manipulated lies to keep them from finding the real truth?

This is what I am faced with, this is what I must do in the months and few years that lay ahead. But how do I do this without offending or hurting the ones that I love? How do I speak truth to others that will be hard to understand and accept? Hard to accept only because it is not what they have been told. Hard to understand only because it will change their future, and perhaps will cause others to reject them?

Telling the truth, helping others see beyond the cloud of confusion, lies and deception’s is one of the most difficult things to try and do. But it must be done because the Judgment Hour has come and soon the words, “It is FINISHED” will be heard. I can no longer speak baby words or have soothing conversations and expect to have an adult conversation that others will listen to AND accept the reality of what is, and what is yet to come.

Tammy asked me, what is the point of this study? She has asked me to clearly state where I will be going with this study on the Bridegroom, the Bride, the New Jerusalem and the 10 virgins. I just hope that those who have joined in this will stay with me as I go over what I now know; stay at least long enough to see and hear the evidence that is found in the Bible and Sister Whites Writings.

Of the 4 things that I/we will be looking at of our/the Churches understanding of, 3 of them are dangerously misunderstood. I did not come to these conclusions on my own, that was not my intent; I argued with the Holy Spirit for 6 months, using every argument that I am sure most of you will make/use as to why the Churches present basic understanding is correct: it is incorrect(thats a nice way of saying wrong). And these are….

The Church is NOT the Bride as presently understood by us.

The New Jerusalem is not called the Bride because we are in it. At the TIME of the Wedding we are NOT in the New Jerusalem. The City is the Bride for reasons that we have ignored or refused to accept.

The church is the guest before, during and after the Wedding, to include being the guest even at the Wedding Supper. This understanding is, again, very critical for who we are.

Understanding what the wedding really represents, what is taking place at the start of the wedding, why the wedding had to be put on hold, and what is really meant by the consummation of the wedding. These things along with the real understanding of what is the metaphor and what is the reality will change important views for us.

Who the Bridegroom is, we all can agree on that one; the Bridegroom represents Christ.
Bridegroom is the term used to represent Christ.

The Lamb is the term/metaphor that we also use to represent Christ. But let me ask you a very important question, “Does Christ represent the Lamb?” The answer should be NO, because Christ is the reality and Lamb is the metaphor. Just as the Lamb is the metaphor for the reality so also the term Bridegroom is the metaphor for Christ who is the reality.

Likewise, is the Bride the reality or the metaphor as it is used in Revelation and in the Great Controversy? Or is the New Jerusalem the reality, and if it(New Jerusalem) is the reality how does that change what we are being told and understand?(should understand)

Next: a closer look at GC p.426-427 and what is wrong… or right.