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🙂 The chain of command is wonderful in that verse, Newbie.

But for the moment I would share a thought on the words “shortly come to pass”.

God showed His servants things “which MUST SHORTLY COME TO PASS”. “Must shortly come to pass”! These words were not intended to impart [and maintain] fond, but mistaken, hopes.


As a people, we have long taught, in keeping with those words, that some things shown in the Book of Revelation DID, literally, “come to pass”, SHORTLY after the Revelation was written.


Our church teaches that there was first century fulfillment, second century fulfillment, third century, and so on.

The fulfillment of the prophecies BEGAN in John’s day. (The words addressed to the church at Ephesus, for example, were meant for the Christians of John’s day.)


But of course the Book of Revelation includes the Second Coming of Jesus, and it includes a reference to the new earth. So it is clear that NOT EVERYTHING has happened yet. But the prophetic panorama began to unroll almost immediately after the prophecies were revealed to John.


This idea stands at the very heart of what Seventh day Adventists call our “historicist” understanding of the Book.

It is important to bear this in mind, I think, when we look into the prophecies of Revelation, otherwise we try to apply everything in it to our day, and to the future, and that is a big mistake. “Events in the train of prophecy that HAD their fulfillment away in the past are made future, and thus by these theories the faith of some is undermined.” (2Selected Messages p.102)