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Tammy Roesch

A very interesting discussion…  Stewart you said,

It is important to bear this in mind, I think, when we look into the prophecies of Revelation, otherwise we try to apply everything in it to our day, and to the future, and that is a big mistake. “Events in the train of prophecy that HAD their fulfillment away in the past are made future, and thus by these theories the faith of some is undermined.” (2Selected Messages p.102)

I think that is such an important principle.  There are some things that have happened in the past, that are not to have second applications…we once met with people who tried to re-apply this:In the year 1840 another remarkable fulfillment of prophecy excited widespread interest. Two years before, Josiah Litch, one of the leading ministers preaching the second advent, published an exposition of Revelation 9, predicting the fall of the Ottoman Empire. According to his calculations, this power was to be overthrown “in A.D. 1840, sometime in the month of August;” and only a few days previous to its accomplishment he wrote: “Allowing the first period, 150 years, to have been exactly fulfilled before Deacozes ascended the throne by permission of the Turks, and that the 391 years, fifteen days, commenced at the close of the first period, it will end on the 11th of August, 1840, when the Ottoman power in Constantinople may be expected to be broken. And this, I believe, will be found to be the case.”—Josiah Litch, in Signs of the Times, and Expositor of Prophecy, August 1, 1840. { GC 334.4}
At the very time specified, Turkey, through her ambassadors, accepted the protection of the allied powers of Europe, and thus placed herself under the control of Christian nations. The event exactly fulfilled the prediction. (See Appendix.) When it became known, multitudes were convinced of the correctness of the principles of prophetic interpretation adopted by Miller and his associates, and a wonderful impetus was given to the advent movement. Men of learning and position united with Miller, both in preaching and in publishing his views, and from 1840 to 1844 the work rapidly extended. { GC 335.1}