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Investigation of Doctrine.–There is no excuse for anyone in taking the position that there is no more truth to be revealed, and that all our expositions of Scripture are without an error. The fact that certain doctrines have been held as truth for many years by our people, is not a proof that our ideas are infallible. Age will not make error into truth, and truth can afford to be fair. No true doctrine will lose anything by close investigation. {CW 35.2}

The Lord designs that our opinions shall be put to the test, that we may see the necessity of closely examining the living oracles to see whether or not we are in the faith. Many who claim to believe the truth have settled down at their ease, saying, “I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing.” –Review and Herald, December 20, 1892. {CW 36.1}

How to Search the Scriptures.–How shall we search the Scriptures? Shall we drive our stakes of doctrine one after another, and then try to make all Scripture meet our established opinions? or shall we take our ideas and views to the Scriptures, and measure our theories on every side by the Scriptures of truth? Many who read and even teach the Bible, do not comprehend the precious truth they are teaching or studying. {CW 36.2}

When God’s people are at ease, and satisfied with their present enlightenment, we may be sure that He(GOD) will not favor them. It is His will that they should be ever moving forward, to receive the increased and ever-increasing light which is shining for them. {CW 41.2}

Those are not my words but the words of a little old woman who talked with Jesus and angels. Those are the words spoken well after the establishment of the church. Words spoken long after the acceptance of and establishment of what we call our fundamental doctrines. But no one seems to question why Sister White would make such profound remarks. No one ask the question, “what ideas of man have we clung to that can not be supported by the Bible that would have caused Sister White to make such statements?” Why have we, why are we so willing to claim that we have made no mistakes in our interpretation of Bible teachings. According to Sister White there is some teaching of man that we have and are determined to cling to that does not agree with the Bible.

There is an event and a time that we call the great disappointment of 1844. The claims made that Jesus was soon to return to this Earth and cleans it of evil were wrong. The understanding of and teaching of this incorrect doctrinal belief was based on a concept that comes from the very church that is called the beast. Based on a teaching that came out of the whore Babylon, a teaching claimed by every christian church; and still claimed by many. The concept that this earth is the temple to be cleansed. Although now the teaching is that the body is that temple said to be cleansed according to the book of Daniel. The understanding was wrong, the pretext of the message was wrong. Jesus was not coming to this Earth to cleanse it. As 7th-Day Adventist we understand this and are willing to explain what was wrong with the Millerit explanation.

But it is important to realize that even though their understanding was wrong as to what and were, because of human teachings, the core of the message was correct. Yes, Jesus was coming to the Temple for judgment and to cleanse it. Yes, as part of the cleansing of that Temple of our sins Jesus would bring an end to sin. The location was wrong not the event, even though an understanding of the event was basically wrong. As 7th-Day Adventist we accept the misunderstanding that was made and explain, from the Bible, what the correct understanding is. The reason we are able to do this is because we turned to the Bible, studied its words and listened to the Holy Spirit. We realized that the Earth or our bodies are not the Temple spoken of by Daniel but rather the real Temple in Heaven. Putting away the teachings, concepts of the whore Babylon we found the truth.

As the movement grew and a deep study of the Bible took place by those who stayed with the truth, more truth was found out, revealed. The truth had been there all along, man simply began to accept what the Bible said over the opinions or teachings of man. The Sabbath, the health message, the state of the dead, true moral conduct and dress just to name a few. It is why the 7th-Day Adventist church has their 28 fundamental beliefs. BUT once again I have to ask the question, “if we had/have the full truth, if we have everything right/correct in our understanding then why would Sister White state otherwise and it is clear that she has.” I must point out that our doctrinal beliefs and understandings have not changed as far back as the 1888 General Conference and farther.

The great disappointment was caused because men followed the teaching of the antichrist as to, what and where, was/is the Temple. Think about that; protestants had blindly accepted the argument given by the antichrist. They have and still are accepting doctrines and teachings of the whore Babylon, it is why they are called her daughters. Blindly accepting a teaching of the antichrist led to a great disappointment for Gods people until they turned to the Bible with open hearts and minds. But according to Sister White there is more to understand, man has driven stakes into the ground and then tried to make all Scripture meet their established opinions. Instead of that type of attitude and actions we must willingly measure our theories on every side by the Scriptures of truth and see if they hold up.

What does this have to do with our topic of study?? It has everything to do with the accepted view that the Church, not the New Jerusalem, is the Bride of Revelation. It has everything to do with the fact that just like in 1844, even though man had things wrong the events and purposes of God took place. Likewise, because of our misunderstanding, because we have accepted the teaching of the antichrist as to who the Bride is and why, we have become blind, naked and poor.

It is the whore Babylon that first claimed that the church was the bride of Christ. In her writings, teachings, doctrinal claims and church functions she declares herself to be the bride of Christ. It is in part because of this claim that the antichrist claims to have the authority of God and the right to change the Law of God. And this concept of the church being the bride has been passed on down from one religious group to the next, regardless of what the New Testament writers and Jesus have said. And for 7th_Day Adventist, regardless of what Sister White expressed on the subject for over 40 years.

Yes, it is true that in the Old Testament the Children of Israel are referred to as being the bride of God, of being His wife. A child that He picked up out of the gutter, washed clean and gave fine clothes to wear. A young woman that when she came of age He took to Himself as His bride. He also told of her lusting after strange flesh, of going after other gods. God also called her a whore, a woman who had defiled herself with many men. He also declared to her that because of her unfaithfulness, her adulterous ways, He was going to divorce her, cast her aside and find a new pure woman. 7th-Day Adventist teach that this divorce, this rejection of Israel took place at the stoning of Stephen. Jesus spoke of this rejection of Israel by God in his parables. The New Testament writers spoke of that rejection and called it the good news for the gentiles.

But in not one parable or remark by Jesus did He hint at the idea that the redeemed would be His bride. In fact He called us orphans, servents or guest. Likewise, if looked at with an open and honest mind, it is clear that not one of the New Testament writers openly called the church the bride at the wedding. In fact a term used was that we are waiting for the adoption, and that we are the body of Christ if we live in and through Him. The connection of the church being the bride can only be made if we cling to our ideas on the bride, accept the teaching of the whore of Babylon as to who the bride is, and twist the scriptures to fit the stakes that we have blindly driven into the ground. But to do so requires that we turn our backs(minds) on the many verses in the New Testament, and even in the Old Testament, that reveal a much different picture, a much bigger picture that includes the whole universe. It means that we must reject or explain away statements, very clear statements, about the Bride, the quest and the Holy City that have been made by a person that we say talked with Jesus and angels. It means that we must reject the words written for our understanding and enlightenment by a woman that we say wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Yes I realize that I have made some very bold statements here. Yes I understand that I am saying that, Gods final church of hope for this condemned World, has accepted a teaching of the antichrist as being truth instead of carefully studying scripture to understand what the Bible really reveals. Accepted the position that the whore Babylon claims for herself, a position that Sister White tried to open our eyes to. A view that when fully understood will become part of the shaking that she warned us about. But those who seek truth, those who pant after truth as a thirsty man does for water, those who are willing to open their Bible and read what it says will be rewarded.

Next, 3 statements found in the book Early Writings that do not agree with the idea of the church being the bride.

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