Reply To: The ENTIRE AHS Needs to be DESTROYED!


The system of the world continues to be filled with sin and wickednesses far far far beyond anyone’s comprehension in the world – they are so deceived.  As once everyone was.


The true Ekklesia, born ones of Yahweh,  learn painf<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>ully and slowly how much  they were taught as truth growing up was wrong.</span>


Even after decades of following Jesus,  trusting the Father,   more and more is rooted out that was planted,   lies that were planted even in babies,  before they knew right hand from left hand.  Lies that were planted in ‘believers’/ members in all the churches (extreme few exceptions,  as the “whole world IS deceived by pharmacy” (and rome?) ) …


Anyone,  on point,  the true children of Yahweh,  true Ekklesia born again ones,

eagerly await Messiah’s Approach,  joyously looking all the time,  watching every day,  towards the heavens,  towards FATHER CREATOR YAHWEH,   for YAHSHUA’S RETURN …..


Abortion?   just a part, a serious deceptive,  horrendous abomination,  part of the world system (of health???  NO!  of destruction, death, and lies) ……