Centurion’s Unbelief Almost Cost Him the Life of His Son

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      Tammy Roesch

      Centurion's Unbelief Almost Cost the Life of His Son

      This passage makes me think of the story of how back before 1844, William Miller went to speak at one of the Churches, and the Pastor from the Church had never met him before. William Miller was coming in on the train and the Pastor went to the train station to get him, and when he saw him, he saw this old man who he didn’t think would be able to give a good sermon at all, and he was so disappointed in how William Miller looked that he wouldn’t even go up and stand with him on the platform when the meeting started! But he soon changed his mind! Not long into the sermon he realized that that old man had the power of God with him and could really preach! And he made his way up to the platform and stood with him the rest of the series.

      It’s right for us to notice how people dress but we have to be careful that we don’t have preconceived ideas that will stop us from accepting TRUTH from someone because they don’t LOOK just like we thought they should LOOK.

      He went to Cana, hastening for fear of being too late. Forcing a passage through the crowd that surrounded Jesus, he at length stood before him. But his faith faltered when he saw only a plainly dressed man, dusty and worn with travel. He doubted that this person could do what he had come to ask of him; yet he determined to make a trial. He secured a hearing from Jesus, told him his errand, and besought the Saviour to accompany him to his home for the purpose of healing his son. But Jesus already knew of his sorrow. Even before the centurion had left his home, the pitying Redeemer had read the father’s grief, and his great heart of love had gone out in sympathy for the suffering child. 2SP 153.1

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