Churches closing due to pandemic.

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      Well its happening…churches are closing and it is kind of jolting to say the least.

      Our pastor called us and talked to those in the church board for our church over closing and then texted us of the decision. The other churches in the area also seem to closing so we are going out to one of the members solar panelled place in the woods.

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      This was a post that I came across… The 16th-century theologian Martin Luther had this to say during the bubonic plague, offering his thoughts in a letter titled “Whether One May Flee From a Deadly Plague” on how best to practically and spiritually overcome. His advice is prudent for all to follow during this Coronavirus pandemic, especially Christians.

      “I shall ask God mercifully to protect us.

      “Then I shall fumigate, help purify the air, administer medicine, and take it.

      “I shall avoid places and persons where my presence is not needed in order not to become contaminated and thus perchance infect and pollute others, and so cause their death as a result of my negligence.

      “If God should wish to take me, He will surely find me, and I have done what He has expected of me and so I am not responsible for either my own death or the death of others.

      If my neighbor needs me, however, I shall not avoid place or person, but will go freely.”

      I also found it at this site..

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      a needed or designed shaking by God.    meeting in the house in the woods is good.


      during the PLAGUE in EUROPE,  there was ONE GROUP that was not touched by death.


      The same as in Egypt during the plagues in SCRIPTURE.


      There is ALMOST NO REFERENCE available , not one study,  not one news report,

      as God’s People are not lifted up ,  God’s Way is not acceptable to society anywhere.

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