Have You Mastered Self-Control?

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      Tammy Roesch

      Think about it…”a self-control stronger than hunger or death.” How much self-control do you and I have? For some of us, we struggle to pass on the unneeded second helping at dinnertime or that second healthy dessert. Some of us cannot imagine not having 3 meals a day or skipping even just one meal when it’s really too busy too eat. When it comes right down to it, many of us have very little self-control. I have no doubt that this is an area we MUST have victory in if we intend to spend Eternity with Jesus.

      When Christ entered the wilderness his countenance was changed, its glory had departed, the weight of the sins of the world was pressing upon his soul, and his features expressed unutterable sorrow, a depth of anguish that fallen man had never realized. The indulgence of appetite had increased with every successive generation since Adam’s transgression, until the race was so feeble in moral power that they could not overcome in their own strength. Christ in behalf of the race was to conquer appetite, by enduring the most powerful test on that point. He was to tread the path of temptation alone, with none to help or comfort him. Alone he was to wrestle with the powers of darkness, and exercise a self-control stronger than hunger or death. The length of this fast is the strongest evidence of the great sinfulness of debased appetite, and its power over the human family. 2SP 89.1

      Jesus Fasting In the Wilderness 40 days

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