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      Tammy Roesch

      I feel sorry for many wives who have husbands who control all the family finances…. We are so blessed to have counsel even on this topic ~

      Husband Sharing the Money with the Wife

      You must help each other. Do not look upon it as a virtue to hold fast the purse strings, refusing to give your wife money. AH 378.3
      You should allow your wife a certain sum weekly and should let her do what she please with this money. You have not given her opportunity to exercise her tact or her taste because you have not a proper realization of the position that a wife should occupy. Your wife has an excellent and a well-balanced mind. AH 378.4
      Give your wife a share of the money that you receive. Let her have this as her own, and let her use it as she desires. She should have been allowed to use the means that she earned as she in her judgment deemed best. If she had had a certain sum to use as her own, without being criticized, a great weight would have been lifted from her mind. AH 378.5

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