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      Tammy Roesch

      For many, many years, I have said that Christians should have nothing to do with DISNEY….

      DISNEY is in the business of making SIN appear ATTRACTIVE & GOOD.

      DISNEY is in the business of taking things that God has given us to remind us of His promises to us, (such as the RAINBOW) and turning them into SYMBOLS of SIN.

      DISNEY is built on FANTASY, not REALITY. The Christians FOCUS should be on REALITY. Teaching children to escape into the FANTASY world does not give them the tools they need to cope with the trials of actually makes it easier for them to slide into drugs and alcohol to try to ESCAPE from REALITY.

      DISNEY is BENT on destroying the FAMILY.

      The less Christians have to do with DISNEY, they easier they will find it to be “separate from the world.”

      There is nothing “CHRISTIAN” about DISNEY, in fact it’s very ANTI-CHRISTIAN and those who are serious about serving Christ will cut all ties with it.

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