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      When I was on the school board, I was working on getting grants and funds so the poorer kids that needed help could get a Christian education at our Adventist school, and I went to canvas my friends and family so we could get them what little money we could so they nobody would be turned away. So we had them come to the registration and unknown to me, my wife and her friends went and got little backpacks and filled them with pencils, pens, M&M’s, knicknacks and at the registration gave them to the kids…….

      You should have seen the faces on the kids, they were so happy, it was really nice, and I went and made some sandwich snacks we brought for those who came straight from work and had no time to eat. Everyone was able to get a bite, fill the paperwork, and go home with school supplies and backpacks, and as they were leaving one parent came and said “to tiene un beun mano”, which roughly translated meant “your hands do much good”….I had a feeling that was better than anything money, fame or lottery winnings could give. Doing your ministry for God and your fellowman not only gives you joy and gladness, but gives you more fullfilled lives..

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