Plague-Like Locust Swarms

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      Well this is something some people may not want to hear…

      “Plague-Like Locust Swarms Sweep Saudia Arabia, East Africa, Asia

      Swarms of locusts are sweeping through Saudia Arabia, East Africa, and Asia, and they may be about to breed.

      Locusts are swarming across East Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, threatening local food supplies and basic livelihood, reports the journal Nature.

      At least 20 million people are in danger as scientists and governments rush to bring the insects under control”…

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      This was interesting…
      “So There’s a Locust Plague Too?
      It’d be easy to quip biblically about the simultaneous breakout of pandemic and plague if not for the vast human toll that the intercontinental crises are exacting. As the coronavirus continues to spread on six continents, a desert locust outbreak has inundated East Africa with hundreds of billions of bugs, causing food shortages in Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia. “It was like an umbrella had covered the sky,” Joseph Katone Leparole, a 68-year-old living in central Kenya, told the New York Times.In our age of overlapping crises, it shouldn’t be a surprise that climate change can be identified as a factor in the upsurge, the technical term used for such a natural disaster that is just below plague.”…

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