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      Tammy Roesch

      Take just a couple minutes and introduce yourself in the forum above this one…tell us your name & where you are from.  I wish we had a map that we could put a pin on every for every member so we could see what States & Countries are represented.  I think I’ll try to find one like that!  I’m really glad you all are here and I hope and pray you feel comfortable starting discussions.

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      My name is Stewart. I live in New Zealand (which is down by Australia). I’ve been associated with Seventh Day Adventism for about 35 years. My beginnings were with an independent group, but I am now a member of the mainstream SDA Church.

      (Some might be interested to know that I lived in Arizona, USA, for 5 years.)

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        Tammy Roesch

        Thanks for sharing, Stewart!  I’m guessing you are around the same age as my husband and I.  Al is 61 and I’m 57.

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