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      Tammy Roesch

      Peter was ashamed of Jesus, when He allowed Himself to be taken captive by the Priests & Romans….and because he was ashamed of Him, he distanced himself from Him at the trial, and hung out with those who were reviling Jesus.  Had Peter not been ashamed of Jesus, he would have stayed as close to Him as John did, and he would never have denied Jesus.

      This is a good lesson for us, as often we are tempted to be ashamed of the TRUTH that makes us different and separates us from the world.  This happens in many ways.  How many Christian women are afraid to dress modestly? They are tempted to dress like all the rest of the women, and be in style with short skirts, low necklines, tight clothes, etc.  How many Christian men, like Peter, use crude, foul language, to make it appear that they are just like everyone else around them?  They know better, just like Peter did….but just like Peter, they are ashamed of the TRUTH that calls us as Christians to be separate from the World.

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