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      Quite recently I found myself trying to search for information about this famous actor. The name of the actor here is not relevant because I simply want to discuss how when I used google to search for the actor I landed on a biography page, Wikipedia page. Here a question popped in my head about how to get a Wikipedia artist page? The page I found on Wikipedia about this actor was a detailed account of hi while life which stated everything from his personal life to this work achievements. Maybe the reason why these artists are present on Wikipedia is so that people like us, their fans or researchers can use this information in our assignments, in my case, or just to get knowledge about our favorite actors. What would people use a Wikipedia page for an artist for?

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      J Shalom

      “People use a Wki….”  page the way of the world, because the world loves its own and promotes anything and everything that may prevent/distract anyone from finding Yahweh’s (God the Creator)  Kingdom….

      The world denies this,  of course,  just as it denies Jesus.  The world PROMOTES everything that is UNgodly,   AND everything that may distract anyone from continuing to seek God’s Kingdom.


      Note that according to all Scripture,  the world usually (i.e. most often/ most people) succeeds in terms of sheer numbers .:    most people never even see, let alone find,  the Kingdom of Heaven/  God’s Kingdom

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