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      Jesus said to the permanent disciple who asked Him:   “That’s none of your business”

      “You GO,  and DO,  what the FATHER has shown you TO DO” (or TO SPEAK)…..


      i.e. ALWAYS DO and SPEAK what the Father in heaven DOES and SAYS to SPEAK….

      EVEN when you are dragged before a JUDGE in COURT…. IT IS the  FATHER Who speaks thru you,  HIS WORD…..

      so DO NOT think AHEAD of time what to say – the FATHER WILL PROVIDE the WORDS… (NOT man’s way, NOT man’s method) …..

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      How many are totally UNafraid – NO anziety (BE anzious for NOTHING GOD HIMSELF SAYS) ..

      regarding their health these days ?

      Who,  if anyone, anywhere,  is speaking TRUTH with their neighbor,  and no longer lying (the instructions IN SCRIPTURE) to one another ?


      As for me and my house,  we serve the LORD JESUS and HONOR FATHER in HEAVEN.

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