Seperation of the Wheat and the Tares

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      is happening across the board in Adventist churches, ministers, members, and has now clearly reached even the SDA forums we find on the internet. They try to provoke members and bring confusion by posting offensive insults, absurdities etc.., and deliberately try to get a response by attacking the Adventist church or its beliefs. And I am seeing these things spreading like a cancer in the SDA and SDA sections of religious forums, subtly or directly.

      I am seeing this idea brought out by these ‘tares’, that the pillars of Adventist beliefs and our doctrines supported by the testimonies and anchored soundly in the scripture, be cast aside, thrown away, discarded and they be “revisited” as they are from “theologically unqualified founders”. It is being pushed subtly or even stronger by those who claim they are Adventist or “in the church”, and yet want all the solid foundation Adventism is anchored on be swept away and dashed into pieces. Satan is angry that the truth given to us still stands and is using his old tactics to conquer and divide from within. We need to stand firm and more fully grasp what God gave His remnant church and people in these last days as many will come with what is claimed as ‘new light’ or higher ‘scholarship’ to sweep it all away. We need to follow what God says, not man and not be taken in or shaken off the path so near to the end.

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