Should Seventh-day Adventists become involved with political questions?

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      Here is the White Estate on the subject…

      “.A local election in Battle Creek in 1859 challenged Adventists to reconsider their responsibilities as citizens in a community. They were pressed to make a more definite commitment on the subject of voting. What were they to do?

      Ellen White, who was present as Adventist leaders discussed this question, made this entry in her diary: “‘Attended meeting in the eve. Had quite a free, interesting meeting. After it was time to close, the subject of voting was considered and dwelt upon. James first talked, then Brother Andrews talked, and it was thought by them best to give their influence in favor of right and against wrong. They think it right to vote in favor of temperance men being in office in our city instead of by their silence running the risk of having intemperance men put in office. Brother Hewett tells his experience of a few days [since] and is settled that [it] is right to cast his vote. Brother Hart talks well. Brother Lyon opposes. No others object to voting, but Brother Kellogg begins to feel that it is right. Pleasant feelings exist among all the brethren. O that they may all act in the fear of God.

      “‘Men of intemperance have been in the office today in a flattering manner expressing their approbation of the course of the Sabbathkeepers not voting and expressed hopes that they will stick to their course and like the Quakers, not cast their vote. Satan and his evil angels are busy at this time, and he has workers upon the earth. May Satan be disappointed, is my prayer.'” Temperance, pp. 255, 256. (Italics supplied.)…

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      not from the pulpit should we enter into politics as it divides us rather than unite us

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      J Shalom

      Not only divides.


      What is the source ?  (of the world system,  vs Yahweh’s Kingdom)


      Note what happened as voting continue to be ‘used’,  and how much more pharmakeia, alcohol,  and 5 white posions (sic) are PROMOTED (and PRESENT in the food supply daily,  in huge amounts) ….

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      Well, it got so contentious after the 2016 elections, certain terms or words such as names of the candidates couldn’t be mentioned in church.

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