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      Tammy Roesch

      Speaking of Charles the Fifth when Luther gave his answer before the DIET, we are told the following ~

      His words were not without effect. On the day following Luther’s answer, Charles Fifth caused a message to be presented to the Diet, announcing his determination to carry out the policy of his predecessors to maintain and protect the Catholic religion. Since Luther had refused to renounce his errors, the most vigorous measures should be employed against him and the heresies he taught. Nevertheless, the safe-conduct granted him must be respected, and before proceedings against him could be instituted, he must be allowed to reach his home in safety. 4SP 136.2
      “I am firmly resolved to tread in the footsteps of my ancestors,” wrote the monarch. He had decided that he would not step out of the path of the custom, even to walk in the ways of truth and righteousness. Because his fathers did, he would uphold the papacy, with all its cruelty and corruption. Thus he took his position, refusing to accept any light in advance of what his fathers had received, or to perform any duty that they had not performed. 4SP 136.3

      And we often think that this sort of “following TRADITION” happens in Catholicism or in the Amish faith and other Protestant religions….and it does…but it can and does happen in our faith, as well. It’s not wrong to follow TRADITION as long as following the TRADITION is in harmony with the INSPIRATION…but when TRADITION breaks away from INSPIRATION and we follow TRADITION instead of INSPIRATION we are walking in the footsteps of Charles the Fifth who turned his back on God.

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