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      Krystel Kuhn

      As a digital marketing enthusiast and an active internet user who has to communicate every now and then, I believe that communication has always been a hassle until the technology came into being. However, as told by an application development in California scientists worked for days, years and centuries to develop and enhance the ways of communication and to our knowledge they are still working so that they could bring people just a step away. Just because of those scientists, today people are able to communicate with each other with so much ease. Do you agree?

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      J Shalom

      Sure,  it is easier….   to ‘talk’ with anyone almost in the world,  but what’s the price ?

      I think and warn that with few exceptions, if there are any,  it is the world growing together in wickedness that is growing most and fastest …… in a system that God says is death-dealing, not life-giving.    The society is oppressive,  pernicious,  destroying souls as fast as they can,

      doing all that is possible, all that God permits,  for society to keep people from turning to God,  to prevent people from finding God’s Kingdom,  ever……

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