Verse 34

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      Tammy Roesch

      If someone said this today, “I rejoice exceedingly to see the gospel this day, as of old, a cause of trouble and dissension,” many would shun such a person and have nothing to do with him, considering him a “trouble of Israel.”

      If we are afraid to speak the TRUTH because it will cause “trouble and dissension” , we can KNOW that we are not ready for the coming days of Persecution.

      The following is from Martin Luther ~
      “But as I am a mere man, and not God,” he continued, “I will defend myself as did Christ, who said, ‘If I have spoken evil, bear witness of the evil.’ By the mercy of God, I implore your imperial majesty, or any one else who can, whoever he may be, to prove to me from the writings of the prophets that I am in error. As soon as I shall be convinced, I will instantly retract all my errors, and will be the first to cast my books into the fire. What I have just said, will show that I have considered and weighed the dangers to which I am exposing myself; but far from being dismayed by them, I rejoice exceedingly to see the gospel this day, as of old, a cause of trouble and dissension. This is the character, the destiny, of God’s word. Said Christ, ‘I came not to send peace, but a sword.’ God is wonderful and terrible in his counsels. Let us have a care lest in our endeavors to arrest discords we be found to fight against the holy word of God, and bring down upon our heads a frightful deluge of inextricable dangers, present disaster, and everlasting desolation…. I might cite examples drawn from the oracles of God. I might speak of Pharaohs, of kings of Babylon or of Israel, who were never more contributing to their own ruin than when, by measures in appearance most prudent, they thought to establish their authority. God ‘removeth the mountains, and they know not.’” 4SP 132.2

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