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      After going to many Christian brothers and sisters and discussing and sharing the Sabbath a great truth became apperant to me.

      All the other commandments we can pretend to follow, but the Sabbath stands out, it is a sign, the standard of God. Where he draws his battle line, the true believers put on the armor and choose God, the decieved put on the “traditions” of men and the false doctrines of the evil one who raise his banner of Baal, and pagan sun worship.

      The Sabbath cannot be hidden under a bushel, you can hide your idols, swear against God out of hearing of others and love other gods such as sex, money, fame… and no one would know. But like Daniel praying at his window for all to see the Sabbath is a clear display of our love for God when we worship him.

      So God has given us His truths, the banner of the Sabbath is raised and planted since Creation, Jesus has shown us who the Sabbath is for…

      Here is a excellent description of the Biblical Sabbath..www.adventistbiblicalresearch.org/materials/conversations-other-chr…

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