“WORTHY” ~ Man’s Standard is Far Different Than God’s Standard

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      Tammy Roesch

      WORTH in the Jewish leaders mind was determined by MONEY ~ and especially, how much MONEY you had given to THE CHURCH. Sadly, nothing has changed….

      The Jewish elders had commended the centurion to Christ because of the favor he had shown to “our nation.” He is worthy, they said, for “he hath built us a synagogue.” But the centurion said of himself, “I am not worthy.” Yet he did not fear to ask help from Jesus. Not to his own goodness did he trust, but to the Saviour’s mercy. His only argument was his great need. MH 65.1

      This man gave a ton of money to the SDA Church, and they considered him WORTHY to name one of their main Universities after him, because of his large financial donation….KNOWING that he made his $$$ from the ABORTION & GAMBLING business. https://www.christianpost.com/news/christian-university-honors-controversial-abortionist-with-name-on-center.html

      Even those in BABYLON can see the APOSTASY of ADVENTISM…..how LOW we have fallen.

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