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    everyone needs to have an opening question

    a friend of mine within several minutes of conversation will ask a stranger where they go to church


    for me, my question is Do you have a Bible?  If they say no, I offer them one and advise they begin at the gospel of John. If they say yes, I ask if it is their personal Bible. I recommend that they…[Read more]

  • I know people that go to places that promise healing in strange ways.
    one practitioner just touches you here and there and your pain goes away. But you have to keep coming back weekly for treatments.
    Another has a box that emits some kind of wave that heals you and the box costs 6,000 dollars.
    Another has a drink that will heal you even-though…[Read more]

  • this is very important that everyone have a short personal testimony to share with strangers

    what your life was like before Jesus and what it is now with Jesus


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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Prayer is most important especially in the times we live in.

    I would like to share some very important points in the following weeks.

  • Nanotechnology can be good or it can be bad.

    Liposomal technology can deliver vitamins to the cells bypassing digestion. However it can be used in a bad way too.

    nanoparticles in food are being used to improve the quality of food. Some might be safe some might not. No one really knows as it has not been tested.  It’s used in candy and in da…[Read more]

  • Many don’t know that 99% of breast cancers are caused by aluminum and other metals in antiperspirants.
    women are more susceptible because they shave and then apply.
    the metals get into the tissues and weaken the immune system so much that anything else can come in and grow whether it be bacterial fungal or viral.

    1. Stop using

    2. detox body of t…[Read more]

  • 2 basic concepts in this scripture

    the first most sdas know

    the second only 50% know and understand


    will share soon

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