Music ~ and Those On the Narrow Way

What kind of music should Christians on the Narrow Way be listening to?

A few years back, when we had our walk-in health food store (now we mainly do mail-order) a local Sunday preacher came to the store to buy something. It was his first time to our store… he had high cholesterol levels and was on Statin Drugs to bring down the cholesterol. I told him, “Well, if you give up the meat and the dairy products, the cholesterol will pretty much take care of itself.” And he said, “Now that is where I draw the line.  No one will tell me how to eat.” And like most people, rather than change his diet, he opted to take a supplement called Red Yeast Rice, that works like the Statin Drugs without the side-effects.  He didn’t come prepared to purchase right then, so later in the day, he came back with his money to buy the product, and this time, my husband was there.  He and Al had a really good conversation about spiritual things, he was telling Al how he didn’t hold anything back on Sunday’s…he would tell his congregation, “You must be willing to give this up and that up and everything up that hinders your walk with the Lord.”  Later that night, Al was telling me about this great conversation he had with a Sunday preacher in the store that day…  It’s just too bad that when it came to his own life, instead of surrendering his appetite to God, he said, “Now that is where I draw the line.  No one will tell me how to eat.”

What about when it comes to other subjects? What about with MUSIC? Do we “draw the line”? I see the LIKES on FB for all kinds of music that Christians, let alone Adventists on the Narrow Way should have nothing to do with.  I am sure that just as we need to make REFORMS in our appetites & dress, so do we need to make reforms in the music we listen to.

Just because the WORDS to a song are good, that does not make it a song you should listen to.  The music and the words have to be holy, in order for it to be music that Heaven approves.  Otherwise, it’s THE DEVILS’s MUSIC.  Music that makes you want to wiggle and jump around, Country Music, Jazz Music, Roller-Skating Music, etc…that is music that we should have nothing to do with. That is WORLDLY MUSIC.

There are so many REFORMS that need to be made amongst us, as a people.  We have slid far down the SLIPPERY SLOPE of COMPROMISE.  Years ago, my husband worked for the USPO as a mail carrier.  One day he delivered a very popular magazine called TIME, and on the front cover it said, “New Lyrics for the Devils Music”. It was an article about so-called Christian Rock.  That was nearly 20 years ago…even those in the world could see back then that Christian Rock was the Devil’s music.  Today, many Adventists can’t even see that.

If we LIKE this kind of music, we have to be honest and admit that we are NOT on the Narrow Way.  There is no point in kidding ourselves and pretending we are on our way to Heaven when we are not.  We need to pray and ask God to help us reform our MUSIC LIKES just as He helps us with changing our taste buds.  And then we need to go through the house and through the computer and FB and THROW OUT all the MUSIC that you are not 100% sure that Jesus would approve. Get it out of your house and out of your sight, so that it is not there to tempt you and then fill those empty places with good and uplifting music that will help you on your Christian walk. Make sure to go through your LIKES on your FB and clean them up as well.  There is a lot of truth to the old saying, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your character.” Just as people can tell what your character is like, by the friends you choose to keep….so they can tell much about you as a person, by the things you LIKE on FB.  Everything we do is a WITNESS, either FOR or AGAINST Jesus.

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