SDA Church Refuses Vaccine Exemption Letter

SDA Church Stand on COVID 19 Vaccination

For those of you who still believe that the SDA Church is going to be a Champion of Truth & Right and when the Sunday Law comes about, it will stand for the Sabbath….please take time to watch this video.  (There are two sermons on the video, I am referencing the 1st sermon.)  Pastor Kelly spoke on Sabbath, August 28th, 2021 at The Village Seventh Day Adventist Church in Michigan. This is the best sermon I’ve heard in a LONG time, very relevant and timely.

Here is a snapshot of a statement he quoted from the official SDA website that should send chills up and down your spine.

NAD Stand on Vaccinations
It is made very clear that the Church will not provide you a Vaccine Exemption

I find it astounding that the SAME CHURCH that allows for ABORTION in times of rape & incest REFUSES to assist a person with an exemption letter who follows their own conscience in regards to taking this so-called vaccine.  And they go so far as to claim that there is NOTHING in Adventist Doctrine or Teachings that would support a person following their own conscience and refusing the so-called vaccine.  They have taken a strong stand against our Adventist Health Message and against our Religious Freedom.

There is such a huge // between what is happening in our WORLD and in the SDA Church.  BOTH the World and the Church are run by the LIBERAL LEFT.  The same HOT POTATO subjects, the SOCIAL JUSTICE issues that are at the forefront in the World are at the forefront in the SDA Church.  Sadly, the WORLD and the SDA Church are walking arm in arm, to perdition.


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