What Is Homeopathy & “Homeopathic Medicines”?

Homeopathy & Homeopathic Medicines ~

Many People have never heard the term “Homeopathy” or “Homeopathic Medicines”. But perhaps, if you frequent Health Food Stores, you may have remembered seeing a section in the store with all these little vials and very strange names, and wondered, “What are these?”

They are Homeopathic Medicines.

Close up view of a few tubes of homeopathy

My husband and I owned a Health Food store for 10 years, and our store was one of the few stores in the Country where you could not buy Homeopathic Medicines. We did some research on Homeopathy, its background and all, and decided it wasn’t something that we could sell, even though we had many customers come to us, asking us to stock the Homeopathic Medicines. Many Christians use Homeopathy, thinking that it is “All Natural”, not a drug, so it must therefore be a good thing. Well, I would like to share with you what we have learned, as I believe there are many Christians, who if they only knew what they were using, would have nothing to do with Homeopathy.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy (hoe-me-AH-puh-thee) practitioners are generally qualified by local training seminars. These seminars teach a system of diagnosis and treatment that was developed by Samuel Hahnemann in the nineteenth century and is based on the following laws:
  • The Law of Similars: “Like curs like.” This errant law teaches that any substance which produces symptoms in a healthy person will in minute doses cure a sick person with the same symptoms. In fact, the origin of the word homeopathy is in the Greek words for “like disease.”
  • The Law of Minimum Dose: Curative substances are made more powerful by dilution and shaking. After mixing one part substance with nine parts neutral solution (such as alcohol or water), the mixture is shaken, then diluted again with the same proportions. The process is repeated until a “proper” dilution is achieved.
  • The Law of Single Remedy: Proper treatment entails one remedy at a time.
  • The Law of Spiritual Cause: Homeopathy believes that disease has no physical cause; rather, it is an imbalance of the spirit-like power or the vital principle within the body.

What is the Origin of Homeopathy?

Samuel Hahnemann published his foundational book, Organon of the Rational Art of Healing, in 1810. At one time, Hahnemann abandoned medicine because of the barbaric practices of his day. He began to translate books instead, and while engaged in translating a book describing the effects of quinine on malaria, Hahnemann took the drug himself and soon developed symptoms similar to malaria. His experiment gave rise to law number one: Like Cures Like. Hahnemann believed that diseases are not caused by any material substance or disease matter, but they are derangements of spirit-like power (the vital principle) that animates the human body. Homeopathy teaches that a cure can take place only by the reaction of the vital force against the rightly chosen remedy that has been ingested.. In other words, he believed that physical sicknesses are results of disturbances within the “vital force” and can be cured only by restoring the vital force to its original state. Samuel Hahnemann was a follower of Emanuel Swedenborg, a spiritualist and medium who blended the world of nature with the occult; this explains Hahnemann’s view on medicine. With this background, we can understand why Hahnemann felt that illness and disease were energy issues, not matter issues, and should be fought on a spiritual level. Hahnemann also adhered to the beliefs of the Freemasons, who are associated with mysticism and the occult. He practiced mesmerism as well, a technique that was the forerunner of modern hypnosis.

How Does it Work?

A diagnosis is made by taking a lengthy history while searching for unique symptoms. The illness can then be treated with a diluted amount of disease-causing solution. The treatment is aimed at restoring the “vital force” or undergirding the body to help dispel its illness. This theory appears similar to the theory of immunizations, which involves injecting a small amount of disease-related material in order to stimulate the immune system. However, homeopathy differs in that it believes a change in energy is what heals, rather than the physical working of the immune system. The cure supposedly comes not from the substance diluted, but from the shaking of the solution, which provides the “vital force” to the solution. It does not always use disease-related material, as in the case of immunizations; rather, it uses anything that will produce similar symptoms. Homeopathy is a rather complicated process of taking a particular substance, such as an herb, a plant, bacteria, or diseased tissue, and making that substance into a trace substance. This begins with a long process of diluting one drop of a tincture of the substance with ninety-nine drops of water or alcohol. The resulting solution is shaken for a long time. It is this shaking process that is supposed to give it its healing “energy.” Then one drop of that mixture is mixed with ninety-nine drops of water or alcohol to be shaken again. This process is repeated several times until there is actually no original substance left. Homeopaths believe that this is the most power state, because at this point the solution has only a “memory” of the original substance, which is the healing “energy.” Thereby, homeopathy deals with an “energy” disease and not with the physiological symptoms.

What are the Concerns About Homeopathy?

One major error undergirding the founding of homeopathy was Hahnemann’s susceptibility of a type of sorcery. Hahnemann discovered that certain substances produced severe and unwanted reactions in some patients. He therefore sought to reduce the dosages given. In attempting to find the smallest effective dose for his substances, he thought he encountered a curious phenomenon. The more he dilutes a given substance, the more powerful it seemed to become. In fact, he believed the “medicines’ were immensely powerful when not even a single molecule of the original substance remained. Hahnemann also reasoned that we must be dealing with energy, not matter. If one can really produce dramatic healing with virtually no physical medicine, then we must be dealing in t he real of a vital force or some spiritual power that resides within matter itself. He concluded that homeopathy must produce spiritual, not physical medicines. Another major problem with homeopathy is the ever present fact that a homeopathic remedy is really just water or alcohol. This in itself should warn us of its dangers. If it is merely water or alcohol, we as Christians should ask, “What makes it work?”

What Factors Should Be Considered? 

Those who choose homeopathy must understand that the treatment solutions consist of no original substance and that homeopaths believe that they are “energized” in order to cure the imbalance of vital force. This system of belief and practice is more of a “religious” approach to medicine, rather than a scientific one.

Jethro Kloss & Back to Eden ~ 

I would highly recommend you getting an ORIGINAL Back to Eden book, by Jethro Kloss. I stress, it must be the ORIGINAL. The new Revised Version is not at all the same book and if Jethro Kloss could protest what they have done to his book, I’m sure he would. In his book, he talks about Homepathic Medicine, pages 49 & 50.

“In the early part of the eighteenth century, a German physician by the name of Hahnemann set forth the idea that it would be better to give small doses of medicines. He started giving medicines in powdered form and in such small doses that it had little effect as a drug. He did not discard the old material medica, but in addition to giving mercury, arsenic, and all other minerals, included some of the most filthy serums, unsanitary preparations from bees, bedbugs, snake poisons, etc. Anyone with intelligence, who would take a few minutes to think about the make-up of the human body, would realize that minerals and such unsanitary medicines could not prove a panacea for any of the ills of man that they seemed to think they would. Hahnemann was in the wrong when he ignored the fact that it is the strength of nature that restores the body, when he said “like cures like.” Back to Eden, pages 49 & 50. (1975)

Sadly, and criminally, that was not printed in the “revised” version of Back to Eden. Instead, they have put in a section on the “signature” of plants If you would like to study this further, here is a website that contains much of the above information and a lot more – www.skepdic.com/homeo

Christians & Homeopathy ~ 

Just because something works, and people get well, doesn’t make it a healing method that Christians should use. As Christians, we should research the treatments and make sure that they do not have OCCULT/NEW AGE ROOTS.  As has been brought out previously in this article, Homeopathy is directly connected with the Occult….and Christians should have NOTHING to do with it.  Instead, we should take the stand that we will use NO methods that are not blessed by God, even if that means we remain sick and even die.
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