WHO Has Your Strongest Loyalty ~ God or The Church? (Part 1)

“Who has your strongest loyalty, God or THE CHURCH?” This is a very timely and serious question.  When we take the Sabbath truth to those of other faiths, many times, we know that the people are convicted, but because of their strong loyalty to the church they attend, they have a very difficult time separating themselves from their church and walking in the light, even though they know that they should be keeping the Sabbath.  We often try to explain to them that their loyalty to God should be stronger than their loyalty to the church they are a member of.

But how many of us have ever considered that perhaps the day would come when God would ask us, loyal and true-blue Seventh Day Adventists, that same question, “Who has your strongest loyalty, God or THE CHURCH?”  We have always taken it for granted that because Adventism is built on true Biblical teachings, that question would never apply to us.  But perhaps it’s not safe to take that for granted any longer.

It is still true, that Adventism is built on true Biblical teachings…that has not changed.  But what HAS changed is the leadership of the Church.  It’s not a matter of there being a few tares in with the wheat….no that is not the issue.  There will always be tares with the wheat until Jesus returns.  But, when the tares take over the leadership of the Church, that changes everything… Abortions are preformed in SDA Hospitals because the tares are running the ship. If the wheat were running the ship, there would be no abortions performed in SDA Hospitals. Because the tares are running the ship, the Official Guidelines on Abortion support the murder of unborn babies. If the wheat were running the ship, the Official Guidelines on Abortion would support life for unborn babies.

Lest you want to think that the Abortion issue is the only issue that has been compromised because the tares are running the ship, check out these links:

Norwegian Union Calls on General Conference to Stop Investing in Weapons Manufacturers
The Adventist Health System Has Been Stealing LOTS of $$$

The above 2 links are only things that have surfaced in the last few weeks.  Many horrible things have been happening for the last 50 years. Yes, that is right….50 years!  The Church started in the abortion business, in the 1970’s.  And you can be sure that the tares didn’t take over the ship the year that started.

For 50 years, various voices have been raised, assuring the members that, “God is going to overrule…the tares are going to be thrown out….the wheat once again will take over the ship.”  But contrary to that, every passing year, more leadership positions are filled by more tares, and the snowball down the slippery slope, gets bigger and bigger and goes faster and faster.

Back in the early 1990’s, the tares voted to condone abortion, and nothing the wheat could do in the last nearly 30 years has been able to change that vote. So for the last nearly 50 years, the Seventh Day Adventist Church has been officially upholding only 9 of the 10 Commandments.  When you joined the SDA Church, I’m sure you were told that it is the only Church that keeps all 10 of the Commandments. Unfortunately, it just isn’t true.

There are no promises in the Bible or the Spirit of Prophecy that God is going to throw the tares out of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, before He returns.  We are promised that “the Church” is going to pull through to the end…but WHO & WHAT is “that Church?”  The best definition of the Church is this:

God has a church. It is not the great cathedral, neither is it the national establishment, neither is it the various denominations; it is the people who love God and keep His commandments. “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” ( Matthew 18:20). Where Christ is even among the humble few, this is Christ’s church, for the presence of the High and Holy One who inhabiteth eternity can alone constitute a church. {UL 315.5}


That definition of “the Church” disqualifies the Seventh Day Adventist Church from being God’s Last Day Remnant Church, because it condones and justifies the murder of babies, therefore, it it does not keep all 10 of the Commandments, and clearly, Revelation 12:17 says,  “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

And please don’t jump to conclusions.  I’m not advocating joining another church.  What I am advocating is for people to remain Seventh Day Adventists, but remove their membership from the Adventist Church, stop paying their tithes & offerings to the SDA Church (continue paying tithe, just not to the Church)…meet at home with other like minded Seventh Day Adventists, disconnect yourself from the SDA Church, and stop supporting them financially or by your presence, until the Leadership changes….and the TARES are no longer running the SHIP.

It is impossible for any one to become a true follower of Jesus without distinguishing himself from the worldly mass of unbelievers. If the world would accept of Jesus, then there would be no sword of dissension; for all would be disciples of Christ, and so in fellowship one with another, and their unity would be unbroken. But this is not the case. Here and there an individual is true to the convictions of his conscience, and he is often compelled to stand alone in the family or in the church to which he belongs, and perhaps finally, because of the course of those with whom he associates, to separate himself from their companionship. The line of demarkation is made distinct. One stands upon the word of God; the others upon the traditions and sayings of men. {BEcho April 9, 1894, par. 5}


To be continued…..



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