Women Preaching Sermons Through Their Songs

Have you ever said before, after singing a beautiful old-fashioned hymn, “That song was a powerful sermon in itself.” I have and I’m sure many of you have, too.

As Al and I were singing old-fashioned Hymns this morning for Church, I couldn’t help but think about the many wonderful old-fashioned Hymns we sing so often that were written by godly Christian women. Look at this list of songs, all of which were written by Fanny Crosby ~

Selected hymns

Just read the titles in that list…those are some of the most famous, powerful hymns ever written, that we sing over and over again! And they were written by a WOMAN!  And these are just a few of them.  There are also many, many more, written by other godly Christian women that we old-fashioned Christians sing regularly.

So, What is My Point???

My point is this:  There are “conservative” men out there from all denominations, including Adventism, who teach that women should “be quiet in the church” and should never preach or teach. Do they sing these songs/sermons that were written by women??? Do they ever think how ridiculous their view of women not being permitted to speak or teach in church is, when they are so often are taught by a woman through songs????

The next time you happen to be in a discussion with a man who believes women should be silent in church and should never be permitted to preach or teach, remind them that they are hearing women preach and teach when they sing some of these old-fashioned hymns. Hopefully that will make them think that perhaps they are not correct in their view.

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